Intertech produces generators for every industry. We make sure there is a constant supply of energy so your operations can continue at all times.

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Bio Gas Installation

Intertech is an expert in manufacturing Bio Gas Installations. A Bio Gas Installation converts manure, corn and other organic waste into power. We produce for agricultural as well as industrial use.

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Combined Heat Power installation (CHP)

For many years Intertech has produced Combined Heat Power installations (CHP) for an efficient and power saving matter. The CHP units are designed to excite power and use the heat that has been released in the process. This heat can be used to warm water or buildings.

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You’ll sometimes need a power backup, to make sure that it won’t shut down. For this matter Intertech developed the TwinPack. One container that contains a ‘’twin’: a double motor, a double generator, a double controlling system, a double fuel tank etc.

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Pigging units

Pigging units are used to remove dirt from a piping system. Cleaning ‘’pigs’’ (plastic cylinders with widia dots on it) will be pressed throughout the pipelines with a lot of water pressure and a lot of water flow, to scrape all cokes from the pipe walls.

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Products in stock

Although most equipment is custom made, Intertech has a few products ready to use in stock. These are fully built-up, tested and available for plug and play.

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Penske Onslow Power Project

The great question of Penske Australia, a company working in  transport, automotive and energy, was: ‘How do we get 7 generators containerized, while meeting noise- and environmental demands with extreme temperatures of +50 degrees Celsius. And how do we make the container ‘cyclone proof’?’

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For every energy related question Intertech has a solution. All our products are customized for your needs.


Since 1985 Intertech is a leading company concerning energy. Our experts are happy to think along with you.


Intertech delivers worldwide, quick and flexible. With our ' plug and play' concept our products can be deployed immediately.