About us

Intertech Mechanical B.V. is situated on the industrial area Gelkenes in Groot-Ammers. From here we operate international. We are specialised in developing generators running on diverse fuels, biogas installations, CHP installations and customization.

'There is nothing that can't be done'

Intertech makes sure your operations will run smoothly.  For every energy related question, Intertech has a solution. That’s why our motto is ‘’there is nothing that can’t be done.’’

Products are customized to your wishes and brought to any desired destination with our fast delivery. This way you can get to work quickly and carefree.

High quallity standards

Intertech distinguishes itself by demanding high quality standards. As well for our products, as our service.

Environmentally friendly

We allways aspire to environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. 

More information

Do you want to know more about us and our products? Contact us via phone +31 184 60 25 82 of e-mail: info@intertechbv.com.


Intertech delivers worldwide, quick and flexible. With our ' plug and play' concept our products can be deployed immediately.


For every energy related question Intertech has a solution. All our products are customized for your needs.


Since 1985 Intertech is a leading company concerning energy. Our experts are happy to think along with you.