Combined Heat Power installation (CHP)

For many years Intertech has produced Combined Heat Power installations (CHP) for an efficient and power saving matter. The CHP units are designed to excite power and use the heat that has been released in the process. This heat can be used to warm water or buildings.

The CHP units run on biogas, landfill, wellhead gas etc.


Intertech is specialised in building the units in a compact way. This makes it possible to built a 420kW unit including a cooler, into a 20ft container. This makes it easier to transport and uses less space on location.

The design of the bigger installations stays compact as well. This way a 2MW electricity and 2156Mw heat, comes of one 40ft container.

Until 1 MW

CHP units until 1000kW are used on relativity small locations. These units are provided with a MAN engine, which are converted into a generator. These are provided with an engine watercooler, and a smoke gas cooler to get the heat out of the exhaust system to warm up the water.

From 1 MW

CHP units from 1000kW and bigger are being provided with a MTU motor by Intertech. These engines are being installed in containers as well as in re-encasings. Bigger CHP untis are often built in two separate containers, and are made one when they arrive on location. This makes the transport easy and the costs low.

Features standard products

Products Total efficiency Power kWe Power kWth
INT-400 83,6% 420 kWe 475 kWth
INT-400D (double 420kW unit) 83,6% 840 kWe 950 kWth
INT-1000 87,5% 1.666 kWe 1.303 kWth
INT-1500 88,3% 1.562 kWe 1.763 kWth
INT-2000 88,9% 1.948 kWe 2.318 kWth


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