You’ll sometimes need a power backup, to make sure that it won’t shut down. For this matter Intertech developed the TwinPack. One container that contains a ‘’twin’: a double motor, a double generator, a double controlling system, a double fuel tank etc. The TwinPack combines and synchronizes two generators with power between 60 and 350 kVA each.


TwinPacks are mostly used on big events like concerts, sports, festivals and in the television industry. Because the power of light and sound can make strange peaks and falls, we provide hundred percent backup just incase something goes wrong.

This can be done by running each motor on a 50% power level or running one motor on a full 100% and leaving the second motor as a backup.

TwinPacks features:

  • 100% back-up
  • extreme high trustability
  • easy to use
  • low sound level
  • low emission
  • self loading and unloading from the framework
  • can handle extreme temperatures
  • transport friendly

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