Pigging units

Pigging units are used to remove dirt from a piping system. Cleaning ‘’pigs’’ (plastic cylinders with widia dots on it) will be pressed throughout the pipelines with a lot of water pressure and a lot of water flow, to scrape all cokes from the pipe walls. The cokes, together with the waste water, returns in the waste water tank of the ‘pigging-unit’.


Intertech has got a pigging unit for every piping system. The pumps are powerful and are powered by reliable engines. 


To keep the transport easy, pigging units are built on trailers or in standard containers. With our fast and flexible delivery, you can get to work quickly.

More information

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pigging units are mostly used in:

  • chemical and petrochemical industry
  • food industry
  • water companies
  • executives of sewage discharge piping
  • offshore industry


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